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No Smoking on the Beach! by TheLadyGrey No Smoking on the Beach! :icontheladygrey:TheLadyGrey 0 0 Canary Spring by TheLadyGrey Canary Spring :icontheladygrey:TheLadyGrey 2 3 Volcanic Orange by TheLadyGrey Volcanic Orange :icontheladygrey:TheLadyGrey 0 0 Orange Fingers by TheLadyGrey Orange Fingers :icontheladygrey:TheLadyGrey 0 0 Sulfur River by TheLadyGrey Sulfur River :icontheladygrey:TheLadyGrey 0 0 Steam and Stone Ripples by TheLadyGrey Steam and Stone Ripples :icontheladygrey:TheLadyGrey 9 3 Misty Reflection by TheLadyGrey Misty Reflection :icontheladygrey:TheLadyGrey 9 0
I remember walking out of a writing conference a few months ago bemoaning the poor quality of my writing. "I swear my science classes are destroying my ability to write," I lamented, "I keep slipping back into passive voice."
"What is your major anyway?" my classmate asked, "English?"
"No. I'm a chemistry major," I replied.
"What are you doing here?"
It was an excellent question. What was I doing in English 311? Why was I spending my time attending a class I was bound to get another B in, when I could be acing science classes like a proper chemistry major? I'm not great at writing, and I'm dyslexic besides, so I wonder why I keep at it. I sometimes think I'm a strange sort of masochist.
I am occasionally told my writing will be a great benefit to me in my future as a chemist. This always makes me laugh. The way I learn to write in my science classes would mortify any English professor, and my writing style for English courses would be just as distressing to my science professors.
In ch
:icontheladygrey:TheLadyGrey 0 0
Once Upon a Time
Once upon a time in a kingdom in the mountains there lived a princess named Lillian. She was very fair and the only heir of the king who ruled that land. As the only royal daughter, her husband would one day be king. This drew many suitors, nobles, knights, and wealthy, who wished her kingdom and her hand. Knights always filled the feast hall, their horses the sables, and their servants the castle grounds. They were a bother to just about everyone. To makes things all the worse, Lillian despised them all and was determined not to marry any of them.
"The lot of them are full of bologna. I wish they'd leave me alone," she'd say.
The king grew tired of the insistent yammering, the declarations of love and loyalty, and the cost of feeding quite so many. He decided to hold a tournament. By his decree anyone with noble blood, a grand education, or a great deal of land was welcome to participate. To the winner went his daughter's stubborn hand. Then, at last, the matter would be laid to rest.
:icontheladygrey:TheLadyGrey 0 3
Cat Trouble
A brown and grey tabby cat sat wistfully on the sidewalk of 35th avenue, twitching her tail back and forth in agitation. She mewed sadly as she stared up at the oak tree now towering above her head. This has got to be the worst Friday ever, she thought, standing up clumsily on her four paws. I'm a cat, now. A cat! What the heck am I supposed to do? I don't want to be a cat. She batted at the air and yowled. Kat the cat. How perfectly stupid. Why did she turn me into a cat anyway? I swear I didn't see a thing!
"Spying are you? Little girls shouldn't spy." The words echoed in Kat's ears. "I think I'll teach you a lesson... one you'll never forget." The woman's dark eyes had felt like daggers as she stared down at Kat. Kat had found herself to be a great deal shorter after that encounter, not to mention furry with four feet and two little pointed ears.
At least I'm not allergic to myself. That would be downright silly. Kat, the cat allergic to cats! <
:icontheladygrey:TheLadyGrey 2 0
Nagging Feeling
Don't you hate the feeling,
The little tingle in your brain
The thought you think you ought to know,
But can't come out and say
It dances at the window
It flits before your eyes
The more you try to pin it down,
The more you realize
The tip of your tongue won't say it
Your mind will not convey it
Not until you decide to lay it,
To rest, for a time
:icontheladygrey:TheLadyGrey 0 0
Why I Dislike Writing Poems
Poems are too picky
The lines, far too tricky
They need to be sticky
If they're going to be good.
I'd rather they rhyme,
But I haven't the time
To make sure that I'm
Always getting it right.
Syllables are grim
Where can I begin?
I can never fit in
Everything that I want!
I'm sick and I'm tired
Of my poems that are mired
With lines, uninspired
And meanings unclear.
I just want to write,
Not spend my whole night,
Just trying to light
That bulb on my head.
:icontheladygrey:TheLadyGrey 0 0
The Flame
it catches
my hair.
My form
in your stare.
Stars fall
like Tears
from my eyes.
Why is Now
The time
I realize?
But a puff
of wind
and I'll fade,
like a Promise
never made.
:icontheladygrey:TheLadyGrey 2 0
Love Sucks
Vampires are not sexy
They're dead.
There is far more to romance,
Than bed.
Such a twisted view,
Provided to you.
This necrophilia fills me with dread!
:icontheladygrey:TheLadyGrey 2 1
The seconds swim against the current.
The hands dance across the clock face in a spiraling waltz.
My head sinks into my arms as all senses depart from me.
It's a pity class is no time to be dreaming.
:icontheladygrey:TheLadyGrey 0 0
The Long Road by TheLadyGrey The Long Road :icontheladygrey:TheLadyGrey 1 0

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